Monday, September 14, 2009

Tuesday Tips

My bangs are finally starting to grow out. Thank god. They're at a length that looks decent enough to be worn down instead of slicked back with product and hair pins. The only down side is that I find myself touching them all the time. Naturally that makes my hair oily. I would do just about anything to avoid washing my hair. Correction. I love the washing part, it's the styling thereafter that kills me. I've heard about "dry" shampoo. Basically you can avoid washing your hair for a couple days AND your hair looks great! Recently, I was at a showroom looking at spring clothing when I heard 3 buyers oohing and ahhing over dry shampoo that has revolutionized their lives. Two of the three woman said they can go 4 to 5 days with out washing their hair. Both women swear by Stila dry shampoo and soon so will I. I just bought some and you betcha I am going to put it to the test!

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