Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Back

I'm back home from NYC. I thought the trip was going to be so much more glamorous than it was. Of course I was there to work, but I kept thinking about being alone with my husband, fancy dinners, shopping, afternoon cappuccinos, shopping, chanel, seeing old friends, know what I mean. Instead it was NON STOP appointments and all the fatigue that comes with being on my feet all day. It was HOT and though I took what I thought would be appropriate "walk around New York shoes", my poor little feet were dead by the end of each day. It's hard to put together a fashionable ensemble that has to coordinate with "comfortable" footwear. I mean come on, I was in the fashion mecca working with VERY stylish colleagues. I couldn't just schlep my way into those meetings. I wore flats and flat boots, but even that was too much for my feet. I've tried pricey shoes and not so pricey and when I put both price points to the all day walking test, they both failed. Why is it so hard to find beautiful shoes that are actually good for your feet? I'm on the hunt, and I WILL keep you posted with new finds! If you have any share!

All in all it was a very productive trip. I picked up some exciting new lines and a handful of new accessories, too. I have another buying trip in LA this October. Once that is done I'll share my thoughts on spring 2010. I will say this -- iniam is going to look beautiful!

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